Usa 2015 xxx.

Usa 2015 xxx.

Usa 2015 xxx.
Tanya began gently stroking my belly.

- We make our toddler enema poop and he will no longer get sick tummy – she said gently.
- What do you do with him constantly since lisp? – Ira asked with a laugh, – As if the nursery.

- For some reason I Vitya not take on another, – Tanya smiled – He’s so reminiscent of my six-month nephew.
- Your nephew seems too Vitya name – remembered Ira – Well, will you put an enema?

- Now – Tanya smiled – I wanted to take his first urinalysis.
- What, right here? – Ira said with a malicious smile.

- But where? – Tanya smiled, – Let him pee in a jar.
- Let us then – confusedly I babbled, feeling her cheeks burn.

- No sweat! – Tanya snapped.
- Well, maybe not? – I asked.
- What do you hnychesh how small? – Tanya smiled, – the way I left you the day before yesterday a jar in which you had to pee.

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